27 February - 1 March, 2018

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4th International Conference Substructures for UK Offshore Wind 2018

Case studies, new research and technical advances will be presented in order to increase cost-efficiency and commercial competitiveness in the UK market.

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The UK remains the single largest market for offshore wind in the world. Find out more about investments and substructures in UK and download the report for free here.

Improvement and Optimisation of Offshore Substructures

Dr. Magdalena Kurkowska shares a brief overview of research into next generation drive trains, corrosion protection, and the improvements on jacket foundation design, manufacturing, and installation.

Reducing Cost and Risk in Floating Offshore Wind - A Buoyant Future

Technological advances in floating wind will open up opportunities to exploit the abundant wind resource in deeper water sites where it is currently not possible to deploy fixed-bottom foundations, making this an important area of research for the offshore wind industry. This article, written by By Robert Proskovics and Gavin Smart, ORE Catapult,  analyses the costs and risks of the three most common types of floating wind structure and compares them to those of a fixed-bottom monopile wind farm.

Innovative Foundation Monitoring Solutions for Windfarm-Wide Lifetime Assessment

This OWI Lab report goes into detail on what specific monitoring techniques of existing wind farm substructures are necessary to gain insights into fatigue life for design optimisation of future wind farms


Technical and Supply Chain Criteria for Gravity Base Foundations

This presentation by Gordon Jackson of Arup covers:

  • Technology Review
  • Technical Acceptance for GBS designs for deeper applications
  • Fabrication and installation requirements for newer GBS concepts
  • Commercial viability for various project specifications
  • Procurement considerations to stimulate wider adoption of GBSs

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Deep Water Solutions And Cost Reduction In UK Offshore Wind

In order to increase energy production capability, the industry will need to conquer deep water sites. The Blyth Offshore Demonstrator and the Floatgen project may both be instructive in the future of the UK market. Read more in the article here.