Substructures for UK Offshore Wind

Assessing next generation foundation designs, developer insights, risk mitigation and the role of certifications for cost of energy. Offshore Wind Substructures for the UK market is a technical event for experts in the wind industry. The goal is to provide the no. 1 platform to evaluate project viability and project experience focusing solely on the UK market. Through identifying the future situation of the UK Offshore wind market we hope to influence design optimization, improve reliability and cost-efficiency.

Join and benefit from the following interactive opportunities:

Who is Who
Learn about your peers. Discover who else is participating in the conference. The matchmaking picture wall will help you identify who you want to meet at the conference.

Speed networking
Maximise your time at this event by participating in these fast paced 1-to-1 meetings. Get to know the other attendees and exchange your business cards. Don't forget to have your business cards ready!

Evening get-together
IQPC invites you to a joint evening get-together. take this opportunity to network and make new business contacts. or just to relax and round off your first conference day.

Round table
Choose your main discussion topic and deepen your knowledge in close dialogue with experts by pointed questions.

Idea Wall
Add any hot topic you have in mind and you feel has not been given enough room so far to the board and benefit from further discussions and audience insights in the subsequent Open Mic session.

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What Distinguishes This Event?

Improve foundation monitoring to manage structural integrity at minimum costs

Explore how to assess wave load sensitivity of XXL monopiles

Discuss stable operations and proper risk management through project certification

Get informed on financing constraints and their impact on substructures

Improve the potential of jacket structures through better understanding of fatigue and material toughness

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